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Pignoli - Pine Nuts
Select, European shelled Pignoli, or Pine Nuts. Used in a variety of savory and sweet Italia..
Porcini Mushroom Bouillon 40 Cubes
Porcini mushroom bouillon cubes,10 "Dadi," per box.  Sold as (4) 10 piece boxes per order fo..
Prosciutto Cotto
Known in Europe as "Cotto" for cooked ham, Prosciutto Cotto is full of flavor yet moist with a fr..
Prosciutto di Parma, Galloni Gold Label. Sliced to Order.
Described as, "Buttery smooth with a creamy softness on the palate," Galloni Gold label imported ..
Rubio Aged (12 year) Balsamic Vinegar from Modena
Aged for 12 years in small wood barrels, this top rated balsamic from Modena has a flavor often i..
Torrone Chocolate Covered
A traditional Italian confection of honey & almond nougat. Delicious served with espresso and..
Torrone Nougat Candy (soft) - 2 Pack
A traditional Italian confection of honey & almond soft nougat flavored with natural vanilla,..
Ubriaco - Wine Table Cheese
This traditional cheese from the Veneto is wrapped with grape skins before they are completely cr..
White Truffle infused Virgin Olive Oil
Our finest white truffle infused olive oil in a decorative 250ml glass jar is a stape for gourmet..
Alpina Sopressata Rustica, Hot - 2pc
Hand made locally, Alpina or Alps traditional Italian spicy, "Hot," Sopressata is air-dried, aged..
Alpina Sopressata Rustica, Sweet - 2pc
Hand made locally, Alpina or Alps traditional Italian sopressata is air-dried, aged and cured, an..
Asiago, Imported, Full Pound Wedge
Cow's milk Italian table cheese, one pound wedge fresh-cut to order. ..
Cosmo's Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers
Italian style hot, "Cherry," peppers stuffed with bread crumbs and Italian seasoning in vinegar, ..
Fattoria Estense Gran Riserva 12 Year Balsamic Vinegar
The 12 year balsamic from Fattoria Estense originates from the "Gran Riserva" cask at the farm in..
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone our finest traditional Italian specialty panettone.  Sold ..