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Vegetable & Cheese Lasagna, family size tray
Made fresh at our Italian Food shop near Boston, our homemade vegetable and cheese Lasagna (no me..
Vinegar Peppers, HOT - homemade in a jar
Hot Peppers in Vinegar with just the right amount of Fresh Garlic and Seasoning, Delicious! Sweet..
Vinegar Peppers, Sweet - homemade in a jar
Sweet Peppers in Vinegar with Fresh Garlic and Seasoning. Crisp and tangy!  Large 16 oz glas..
White Anchovy, Agostino Recca Anchovies, jar
Agostino Recca premium quality anchovy filets marinated in a 200g glass jar. Imported from Italy...
White Truffle infused Virgin Olive Oil
Our finest white truffle infused olive oil in a decorative 250ml glass jar is a stape for gourmet..
Alpina Sopressata Rustica, Hot - 2pc
Hand made locally, Alpina or Alps traditional Italian spicy, "Hot," Sopressata is air-dried, aged..
Alpina Sopressata Rustica, Sweet - 2pc
Hand made locally, Alpina or Alps traditional Italian sopressata is air-dried, aged and cured, an..
Amaretti Virgina Croccante
Almond flavored crispy cookes individually wrapped in festive paper, packaged in a red 8x8" (5.3o..
Cow's milk Italian table cheese, one pound wedge fresh-cut to order. ..
Caciotta Nostrana
Rich and creamy like aged Brie, made with cow's milk.  One pound wheel.  Imported from ..
Chicken Parm Calzone
We bake this Italian-American favorite in our own store fresh daily and now it's available online..
Cosmo's Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers
Italian style hot, "Cherry," peppers stuffed with bread crumbs and Italian seasoning in vinegar, ..
Fiasconaro "Prestige" Tradizionale Panettone Decorative Gift Box
Large festive gift box with handbag like strap (handle), Fiasconaro, "Prestige," premium Panetton..
Fiasconaro Panettone Nocciole (Hazelnut)
Fiasconaro premier, "Nocciole," hazelnut panettone.  Each large 35oz cake is artfully wrappe..
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone our finest traditional Italian specialty panettone.  Sold ..