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Bresaola Carpaccio Full Pound Sliced
Italian Bresaola is an air-dried cured and aged beef Salume, obtained from the most valuable cuts..
Cacciatore Sweet Italian Dry Sausage
"Cacciatore" style dry sweet/mildly spicy mini salami-like links. Sold one pound per order. ..
Loosely translated, Caciocavallo means horseback... Fear not, this delicious southern Italian che..
Caciotta Tartufo Black Truffle Cheese Full Pound
Italy's finest Caciotta, see the Italian black truffles. As beautiful to look at as it's aroma an..
Calabrese Chilli Peppers, Crushed Red Pepper 4pk
Genuine dried, crushed Calabrese Chilli peppers. Sold as (4) individual 2oz packets per order. Im..
Cannellini Beans, dry
Select, gourmet quality plain dry Cannellini. Hand packed in a one pound container. Requires soak..
Caponata Eggplant Appetizer
Cuoco is the original yellow can Caponata. Caponata is an eggplant appetizer with tomato, celery,..
Ceci & Fava
Dried Ceci and Fava beans with salt, ready to eat. Sold in a one pound package. ..
Ceci - Chick Peas, dry
Select, gourmet quality plain dry Ceci. Also known as Chick Peas or Garbanzo. Hand packed in a on..
Cherry Peppers filled with Prosciutto & Provolone
Homemade medium-spicy to sweet "cherry" peppers stuffed with imported prosciutto & provolone ..
Ciliegie di Vignola (Cherry) Preserved Cherries in Liquor
An Italian holiday specialty.  Cherries in sugar syrup with brandy in classic glass jar.&nbs..
Cinnamon Almond Biscotti
Our local Italian bakery makes this very special homemade biscotti full of delicious chopped almo..
Cirignola Mixed Large Olives
Cirignola olives are the largest olives in the world and they have a fruity, mild, clean taste. O..
Cirio Pesto
Cirio Premium Pesto Sauce is made with Ligurian basil, oil, pine nuts, cheese and seasoning. Wond..
Colavita Bucatini 7
Colavita Bucatini #7 is a wonderful alternative to spaghetti or any maccheroni with your favorite..