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Alemagna Panettone Senza Candita from Italy
New inventory!  Panettone without icing.  Large 2.2 lb decorative box.  Imported f..
Alps Sweet Dry Sausage - 2pc
Sweet, dry salami sold as 2 links per order weighing @ .75 to 1lb. ..
Cow's milk Italian table cheese, one pound wedge fresh-cut to order. ..
Baba Napoletani al Limoncello
Authentic Italian Baba in Limoncello syrup.  Large decorative jar, each has it's own unique ..
Caciotta Nostrana
Rich and creamy like aged Brie, made with cow's milk.  One pound wheel.  Imported from ..
Chicken Parm Calzone
We bake this Italian-American favorite in our own store fresh daily and now it's available online..
42 piece gift box, great for the holidays!  Contains white, milk and hazelnut chocolates. 15..
Fiasconaro Torroncini Siciliani
Fiasconaro Torroncini Siciliani torrone from Italy in a decorative 8.8oz, gift box.  Assorte..
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone our finest traditional Italian specialty panettone.  Sold ..
Flott Solid Tuna in Pure Olive Oil, glass jar
Flott Sicilian Tuna in Pure Olive Oil, 6.75oz glass jar.  Imported from Italy ..
Cow's milk Italian table cheese, one pound wedge fresh-cut to order. ..
Fusilli - Fresh Homemade Pasta
Hand made Fusilli (pasta twists).  We use fresh, local farm eggs, semolina and durum flour u..
Genoa Salami
DiLusso Genoa salami is the domestic version of Italian Genoa salami made in the USA.  Slice..
Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar 250ml "4th Century"
IGP balsamic extracted in limited quantity every year from the famous Giusti cask, "Quarto Ce..
Instant Polenta, 2 pack
Excellent quality cornmeal for your favorite Polenta recipe, cooks fast and easy!  Sold (2),..