Imported Dry Pasta

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Delverde Spaghetti Pasta #4
DelVerde Spaghetti no. 4 is a durum semolina pasta, delicious with any sauce! Imported from Italy..
Delverde Ziti Pasta #49
DelVerde Ziti no. 49 is a durum semolina pasta, delicious with any sauce! Imported from Ital..
Ditalini, gluten free corn pasta by Le Veneziane
Molino di Ferro - Le Veneziane brand pasta in small tube shapes made from 100% corn flour. Gluten..
Divella Millerighe #16 Pasta
Millerighe is a pasta cut similar to Rigatoni, short and tube shaped with ridges, but slightly wi..
Fregola Pasta
La Casa del Grano brand Sicilian traditional, oven toasted, durum wheat semolina pasta. Use in yo..
Garfalo Pappardelle - 2 pack
Garofalo is a premier quality artisanal dry pasta. La pasta di gragnano press Napoli. Made from d..
Gnocchi di Patate
La Piana potato gnocchi is hand made and hydro-sealed in Italy then packed locally for an authent..
Italian "Cucina Essentials" Epicurean Gift Basket
This impressive basket contains a delicious variety of gourmet Italian specialties. Includes Extr..
Italian Favorites Luxury Gift Basket
Our most popular all Italian imports basket, a perfect gourmet gift any time. Includes one pound ..
Spaghettata 4 Pack
Simply add Marinella Spaghettata to your favorite extra-virgin olive oil to make a spicy "Aglio O..
Spaghetti, gluten free corn pasta
Thin spaghetti made from 100% corn flour. Gluten free. Unique and wonderful full flavor that will..
Fusilli - Fresh Homemade Pasta
Hand made Fusilli (pasta twists).  We use fresh, local farm eggs, semolina and durum flour u..
Orecchiette Baresi, Divella
Popular in the South of Italy, this "small ear" shaped pasta is delicious with most sauces hot an..