Espresso & Dolce

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Pandoro Large Holiday Cake
Artisan Pandoro made with all natural ingredients, traditional recipe. Large, 26oz size cake packa..
Sapori Large Panettone with Hazelnuts, Almonds and Candied Orange
Sapori signature Panettone with Almonds, Hazelnuts, Candied Orange Peel and Hazelnut Icing. Delic..
Torrone Chocolate Covered
A traditional Italian confection of honey & almond nougat. Delicious served with espresso and..
Torrone Hard Nougat Candy 18pc
A traditional Italian confection of honey & almond hard nougat. Delicious served with espress..
Torrone Nougat Candy (soft) - 2 Pack
A traditional Italian confection of honey & almond soft nougat flavored with natural vanilla,..
Torrone Twin
Two amazing combinations of soft torrone with vanilla and almonds on one side, chocolate and almo..
Amaretti Virgina Croccante
Almond flavored crispy cookes individually wrapped in festive paper, packaged in a red 8x8" (5.3o..
Fiasconaro "Prestige" Tradizionale Panettone Decorative Gift Box
Large festive gift box with handbag like strap (handle), Fiasconaro, "Prestige," premium Panetton..
Fiasconaro Panettone Nocciole (Hazelnut)
Fiasconaro premier, "Nocciole," hazelnut panettone.  Each large 35oz cake is artfully wrappe..
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone
Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone our finest traditional Italian specialty panettone.  Sold ..
Maina Panettone Crema al Cioccolato
Soft naturally leavened Panettone, without candied fruits, filled with tempting chocolate cream a..
Zanzibar Classico Gianduia con Nocciole by Sperlari
Sperlari chocolate & hazelnut gift bar in a regular size 250g gold & red package.  A..